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Welcome to Way of the Teacher. I created this site to support teachers in becoming the best version of themselves, whether new to the profession, or veterans.

During my time as a teacher, and having worked in various areas of education since 2007, I believe that in order to be an effective and inspiring teacher a person must have a balanced life. Great effort must be made towards three key areas: SELF, FAMILY, and STUDENTS.

My goal is to provide information addressing these three areas by leaning on my experiences, study, and on the wisdom of other professionals.  Over time, this site will hold a wealth of information in order to support, develop, and encourage teachers.

About Me


First, thank you for visiting Way of Teacher.

My name is Daniel Taylor, and supporting children and adults has been a passion of mine since I can remember.

You may be wondering, what makes me uniquely qualified to write and speak about becoming a great teacher. The short answer is that I’m not uniquely qualified, and I’ll never try to sell myself as the greatest educator.  Truth is, most teachers are outstanding in what they do for their students every day.  I’m just a professional who is keen to learn from the successes and failures of others and myself, and to share this knowledge with anyone wanting to listen (or read).

From my experience hunting for resources, I wanted to create a site that was focused on simple, and usable information born from years of trial and error.  I have tried many things to become a better teacher, and I still continue to explore different strategies to improve my skill set overall.  Many times I fail, but sometimes I find something that works really well.  Overall, I hope the information I share helps you on your journey as a teacher.

If you would like more information about my background, please check out my LinkedIn Profile.

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Impactful Teacher

Below is a diagram of what I feel a teacher needs in order to create great impact in the classroom.  It’s important to create a balance and a solid foundation in our lives as educators by focusing on SELF, FAMILY, and STUDENTS, in that order.  This diagram is the vision, mission, and overall driving force of “Way of the Teacher”.

Impactful Teacher Diagram


Daniel Taylor BBC Interview about ‘Fake News’

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